About Adam

Adam is the creation of the team at Hosting Nation Data Inc.

He was originally created as a solution for e-commerce sites wanting to connect online flyers to a back-end database.  Shortly afterwards, we realised that Adam’s potential far exceeded what we had originally come up with, so we worked fervently to add a myriad of features including added customization, more and more media types from different content providers and most of all - a way to make Adam completely free.

Learn more about Hosting Nation and what we’re up to by visiting the Hosting Nation site at www.hosting-nation.com.

We’ve developed a support FAQ for Adam in our knowledgebase at support.hosting-nation.com, if you’re having difficulties, try visiting us there.

The Adam forum is also a good place to post bugs, feature requests and join in the conversation.

Questions?  Comments?  Contact Us, we’ll be happy to help in any ways that we can.