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Adam is Live!

Monday, November 24th, 2008

At times, it seemed like it might not happen.  It’s often said around the Hosting Nation office that development is a 90/10 split.  Spend 10% of your time developing the first 90% of the application, and 90% of your time to finish the last 10%.

We’ve been working frantically over the last few weeks to provide a version of Adam that’s ready for public viewing.  It’s taken a lot of work, but we’re finally there - a little scarred, a little sleepy, but generally better for the experience.

Adam is an acronym (sort of) for Advanced Dynamic Application for the creation of Multimedia content. (you can see why we chose Adam instead, that other stuff wouldn’t fit in the logo no matter how hard we tried).  It’s a web-based document creation tool that allows you to dress up an ordinary PDF or Image file into something interactive and spectacular.

When we first developed Adam, the primary purpose was to create interactive flyers out of a PDF flyer normally used for print.  Companies could upload their flyer to their workspace, add content to various fields and even connect that content to their backend databases for an instant, e-commerce solution.

That was going pretty well, but there are a lot of companies offering something very similar.  We wanted Adam to stand out above the crowd as something uniquely cool that wouldn’t be limited to usage by e-commerce stores with PDF flyers.

We’re pretty certain that there are a million uses we haven’t thought of, so we chose to do two things that we think make Adam extra special.

1) In addition to standard text, html and images, Adam will support anything inside an <object> tag.  That includes YouTube videos, imeem music and Flickr slideshows.  It also includes content inside an iframe tag - If you can embed it, Adam can take it.  Check out the list of web apps and content providers that we’ve successfully tried with Adam so far.

2) Adam is free to use.  Yep, there, we said it.  We’ve made Adam completely free to use.  The only caveat with the free version is that it’s ad-supported.  We think it’s a fair trade, though we realize that some merchants might not agree - so we’re developing a paid version of Adam that’s ad-free.

Really, I’m just scratching the surface.  Adam is still quite young, and has a lot of growing to do.  We want you to help with that, so we’ve posted some links below to help get you started on your journey down the road of interactive document awesomeness.

1) Peep the list of content providers we’ve successfully used with Adam so far
2) Check out the full feature list
3) Watch the demo video on creating a multimedia document with Adam

Once you’ve signed up for an account, we really, really want your feedback. Visit Adam’s forum where you can post feature requests, contribute to the already impressive list of supported content providers, and report bugs that you’ve found while working with Adam (we promise, he won’t take it personally). So what are you waiting for, sign up for an account to start using Adam today!